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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

The jury is still out about whether, in fact, chronic fatigue syndrome and candidiasis are one and the same. Whatever the facts of the matter, the symptoms are so similar as to be striking. For sure, the two conditions are related. Whether having chronic fatigue syndrome predisposes a person to candidiasis, or whether having candidiasis causes chronic fatigue syndrome is not clear. Both statements could even be true.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Candidiasis

You will see several other strange sounding conditions linked to both chronic fatigue syndrome and candidiasis. Take leaky gut syndrome for example. This horrible condition is exactly what it sounds like. The most likely explanation for the development of a leaky gut is that when candida develops from a yeast into a fungus, it produces mycelia, which are long, wispy tendrils that have the ability to penetrate organ walls. This is how candida can inhabit your body so completely. It can even get into the brain, and this is probably one of the reasons that sufferers experience memory problems.

So, the mycelia probably leave the gut compromised, allowing waste particles and undigested food to breach the lining of the gut and be released into the blood stream. This can make a person feel very ill, exhausted in point of fact. The mycelia are probably responsible for the development of allergies, so common in candidiasis and chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers. It often takes months of dedication to clearing candida for a person to see any definite improvement in leaky gut symptoms.

Because symptoms and problems are so similar, the cure for both chronic fatigue syndrome and candidiasis is basically the same. Dietary and lifestyle changes along with judicious supplements of probiotics and helpful herbs are the best strategies. Don’t reject any logical possibility to help or enhance your immune system though. A many pronged approach is the best way of combating these conditions effectively, and the program is probably going to be slightly different for everyone according to what kind of issues they are dealing with.

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Colon Cleansing

Colon Cleansing

If you’re booked for a colon cleansing treatment, you may be interested to know what’s going to happen. Some people feel embarrassed and are a little apprehensive about colon hydrotherapy treatments. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy and painless this process is. It can even be described as relaxing. Therapists always strive to make the process as discreet and pleasant as possible. You will be covered at all times, and the most difficult part of the whole procedure is the insertion of the speculum through which the water will pass into your bowel. This will all be over in a second and after that you can relax and enjoy your treatment.

It’s important when you go for your colon cleansing that you don’t eat heavily that day. It’s wise to eat lightly or stick to liquids for at least the day of your cleanse, and many colon hydrotherapists ask patients to do some kind of a liquid fast prior to a cleanse. Ask your therapist to make sure you’re following the required protocol before your colon cleanse.

Effects of Colon Cleansing

Some people are amazed to see what comes out during a colon cleansing session. Some of us have several kilos of waste matter impacted on the walls of our colon. Removal of this toxic layer can have a dramatic impact on levels of health and energy, and can relieve all kinds of health problems. Apart from the effects of removing toxicity, another reason for greater feelings of health and well-being after colon cleansing sessions is that your body can then begin to benefit more fully from the nutrients in your food, which can be seriously blocked with a toxic colon condition.

Your therapist may suggest an implant along with your colon cleansing session. This is to replace some of the good bacteria that will have been flushed out of your colon along with the toxins. Acidophilus or bifidobacterium are two commonly used implants. Other substances may also be used, including olive oil, MSM, aloe vera and even aromatherapy oils. These will be to address a health problem of some sort, and your therapist will be able to advise you on what’s most appropriate.

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Continuing Education For Occupational Therapists

Patients Benefit from the Continuing Education for Occupational Therapists

The continuing education for occupational therapists is essential to the well-being of their patients. Anyone who is suffering from a chronic condition like lymphedema, or an injury to a part of the body, knows that it can seem overwhelming to even get out of bed and face the day. Occupational therapists play an integral role in the positive progression a patient makes throughout his or her therapy.

Occupational therapists are trained professionals who deal with all aspects of injury and disease management and therapy. They help patients handle the physical, emotional, and mental obstacles that often accompany debilitating conditions, such as arthritis, injuries from an accident, or lymphedema. Anyone who has ever gone from being a fully-functioning person to someone who is dependent on others for help, knows the pain associated with such circumstances.


Finding A Qualified Therapist

If you suffer from lymphedema, your doctor may recommend that you see an occupational therapist for regular treatments. If your doctor does not give you a referral, you must find an OT on your own. This can seem overwhelming but we'll give you some guidelines to follow that will help make your search easier.

It is important that you ask certain questions before hiring an OT to work with you. Make sure you ask a candidate where they got their training, how many hours of training they have had, what their certifications are, how long they have been doing Manual Lymph Drainage or Complete Decongestive Therapy, and if there is a doctor or nurse associated with their facility. Also ask them what type of continuing education for occupational therapists they have undergone, and ask them to provide references.

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Herpes Zoster Symptoms

Herpes zoster symptoms can make for an excruciating few weeks. Thankfully, a few weeks is all it will normally take for the virus to run its course–though they might just feel like the longest weeks of your life. Once it's over, though, you can look forward to many zoster-free years ahead–the virus, like its cousin chicken pox, tends to only occur once.

Chicken pox can be a useful point of entry for understanding herpes zoster symptoms. Chicken pox affect a large portion of the body's skin; zoster, a much smaller percentage. Chicken pox can be itchy and painful; zoster can be itchy and incredibly painful.


Herpes Zoster Symptoms and Treatment

Unfortunately, there is no wonder drug that will get rid of zoster entirely–other than good ol' time, that is. But there are methods for lessening the pain and irritation. Cool or cold compresses can be vital to the easing of discomfort.

There are also oral medications and supplements that can be used to take away some of the sting of herpes zoster. One of these, called benfotiamine, can be especially useful in severe cases when the pain of zoster lingers after the virus has run its course. These cases are most often found in the elderly or those with compromised immune systems.

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Female Pattern Baldness

Though baldness is typically associated with men, many women may also experience female pattern baldness. Women can suffer from many different types of hair loss. There are many options in fighting hair loss and fixing areas that are already bald.

Female pattern baldness can be frightening to many women. It can serve as an end to long, beautiful hair. Thinning hair or loss of hair can lead to embarrassment and insecurity.


How to Stop Female Pattern Baldness

There are various methods to consider when looking for a way to stop female pattern baldness. Many women use treatments such as hair creams, shampoos, holistic medicine, and hormone therapy. Others may purchase a wig to hide an embarrassing amount of hair loss.

The most effective method for treating female baldness is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be intense and expensive, but the result is often thrilling to women. Hair transplantation allows for women to regain a full head of hair permanently.

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Fibromyalgia Information

Fibromyalgia information comes from many different sources and in many different forms, but a lot of it can actually be quite frustrating. Such frustration with most fibromyalgia information stems from the fact that the "why's" and "how's" that relate to the development of this affliction are so poorly understood. The "who's" are known only a bit better: women are more prone to the disorder than men, though both genders are susceptible.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia are much better documented, for better or worse. This disorder attacks the muscles of the body, leaving them feeling as if they're always sore or overstretched. In some cases the symptoms also include sharp or burning pain.


Fibromyalgia Information: Treatment

As the causes of the malady are not clear, it has not been possible to create a cure for this affliction. However, there are some steps that those affected can take to rid themselves of some of the distress of fibromyalgia. One of these steps is to closely monitor your diet.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies often go hand in hand with fibromyalgia, and some of these can be corrected to lead to a more pain-free lifestyle. A magnesium deficiency is particularly common, and can be remedied with an increased intake of root vegetables. Increased amounts of thiamine, provided by supplements like benfotiamine, may also help with the aches and pains of this condition.

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Fixing Bad Posture

Until recently, fixing bad posture was a largely aesthetic issue. While the importance of confident and poised physical presentation is no less important today than ever before, there are now a host of far more important reasons to address posture. In fact, in an economy increasingly dominated by cubicle-bound workers, posture may well be the most critical workplace safety issue of our time.

As savvy workers already recognize, the deleterious effects of sitting still for hours on end are every bit as significant as the effects of continued strenuous motion. In some respects, however, sitting in place can be more dangerous, as the ill effects of doing so are far more commonly ignored. As such, millions of workers are doing damage to their bodies every day in ways that they have not even considered, let alone addressed.

Fixing Bad Posture Makes a Dramatic Difference

Fortunately, many of the risks inherent in a more sedentary workplace environment can be alleviated in an extremely simple way: by fixing bad posture. A handful of the leading figures in body mechanics have recently made doing so far easier than ever before. By offering expert advice and remarkably potent exercises that can be performed anywhere, these innovative physiologists have pointed a way to a far healthier, more tension-free future.

Needless to say, it is incumbent upon you to take the steps to seek out that expert guidance. If you take the time to do so, you may find yourself able to alleviate physical tensions you may not have even realized were there. We encourage you to visit our informational links, and to learn as much as you can about this distinctly modern workplace concern.

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Great Reasons To Get A Massage

The art of massage therapy has been around a long time. We know the Chinese wrote books about it in 3,0000BC. Homer refers to it in 100BC and Hippocrates referred to the use of friction to treat sprains and dislocations. Julius Caesar received a daily massage for neuralgia and epileptic seizures.

The use of touch to heal is widely accepted today and its benefits are many. When the body is very fatigued or under stress, massage can work away tension. The repetitive, gentle stroking motion of the human hand can be very restorative. Muscles start to relax and a feeling of wellness and being cared for, takes over. Breathing slows, the mind becomes more still.

When one is suffering from ailments which include poor circulation, massage therapy can be very stimulating. It can also aid in proper drainage of the lymphatic system, which helps to improve one’s health in general.

Athletes depend upon massage to keep their muscles, joints and ligaments healthy. A good massage therapist helps with flexability, including appropriate stretching techniques. Recovery is necessary from overuse and the demands put upon the body. Inflammation can be reduced by encouraging circulation to a part of body which has sustained an injury.
Massage is also recommended for the relief of chronic pain. It is a kind of physical therapy and is frequently prescribed to manage the symptoms of arthritis and other conditions that affect joints and movement.

Babies born prematurely gain weight faster if massaged regularly. The human touch seems to be a key ingredient.

One hour in the hands of a competent massage therapist, may be all it takes to recover from a stressful week or an over-energetic game of Saturday tennis. Whether one chooses deep-tissue work or a relaxing Swedish-style massage, this ancient healing art works wonders.

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Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem for men and also for some women. Whether you are experiencing balding, thinning, or receding hair, the process can be a detriment to your self-confidence. Losing hair can affect your lifestyle, self-image, and overall outlook on life.

An average person has over 100,000 hairs on their head. Most individuals will lose between 50 and 100 hairs each day. When the loss of hair exceeds hair growth, baldness may occur, and treatments should be pursued.


Hair Loss Treatments

There are many hair loss treatments to consider that vary in strength, price, and effectiveness. A hairspray or gel product can be applied and bond with existing hair to make it appear thicker. Over $3.5 million is spent on miracle hair growth products, but few produce desirable results.

The most effective treatment for hair loss is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation has been performed effectively for over 40 years. It will provide patients with a permanent solution and restore hair to balding areas.

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Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss remedies have probably been around as long as baldness. While a miracle cure for male pattern baldness might be an attractive proposition, it has yet to become a reality, despite the claims made by any number of "secret" hair loss remedies. The fact is, genetically influenced hair loss (such as male pattern baldness) cannot be stopped or reversed. There is no known medical cure for the condition. If there was, it's safe to say it would be front-page news, and not relegated to mail order "miracle hair growth" pills. However, while the cure for genetic hair loss still eludes us, it's important to remember that hair loss can be caused by numerous factors aside from genetics, many of which are treatable. With that in mind, you might be able to see how some current hair loss remedies can have a significant impact on your life.

Hair loss that's not genetic in nature can often be attributed to external factors influencing the condition of the scalp. Poor scalp circulation, oxidation, and moisture can be responsible for unhealthy follicles, unable to maintain a normal hair growth cycle. When hair grows, it goes through three phases–the initial growth, the destruction of the follicle, and a period of being at rest before falling out in order to be replaced by a new hair. Bad scalp conditions can cut the middle cycle short, causing the "at-rest" hairs to be shed before replacements can arrive. This can result in the appearance of thinning hair. Modern hair loss remedies focus on maintaining a healthy scalp, providing the cycle of hair growth with a chance to catch up.


The Basis of Hair Loss Remedies

In order for an efficient hair growth cycle to take place, the scalp must be free of residues, debris, proteins, and chemical buildups that can come from many styling gels. Proper circulation and moisture are conducive to a healthy scalp environment, as these conditions help increase the tensile strength of the hair, preventing it from breaking off prematurely. Effective hair regrowth remedies aim to create and sustain that kind of scalp environment, allowing the hair to become more full as the growth cycle gradually rights itself.

Nioxin offers several lines of products designed to maintain the proper scalp environment, and aid in the restoration of damaged and lost hair. The Nioxin hair regrowth remedies include a number of topical solutions, such as shampoos, conditioners, and treatments, all created to restore the scalp and hair to full potential. Nioxin also offers a dietary supplement comprised of all natural ingredients, and is designed to promote healthy skin and nails, as well as scalps.