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Tips for Maintaining Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Tips for Maintaining Healthy, Beautiful Hair

A perfect beauty routine includes maintenance of all the vital parts – skin, hair, nails, teeth, etc. There is so much to look into and you may not have all the time in the world. However a little bit of effort and time twice a week should get you by. It is not important to do a whole lot in one day; if you can invest a few minutes everyday on beauty care, it should be enough to make you look all beautiful and gorgeous.

Your hair is an important part of your appearance and good, vibrant hair largely contributes to an overall attractive look. Bad hair can spoil your otherwise gorgeous looks. If you have taken extra care to wear a great dress, and done perfect make up to go with it, but somehow didn’t care much for your hair- it will all come to waste. Great hair always complements your good looks and makes you look like a million bucks. Let us have a look at some easy ways to maintain fabulous, shining hair.

Oil massaging your hair

Why need all the cosmetic hair care products available in the market when you can have a natural head massage in your home? Oil massages can do wonders to your hair and they also act as natural conditioners. Leave-in conditioners are not highly recommended by beauty experts as they tend to make your hair dry and brittle. Your hair is delicate and needs to be treated with care. Therefore anything natural should work perfectly.

For a good head and hair massage, use a combination of different oils- olive, rosemary, almond and any natural oil you can get hold of. One kind of natural oil that is made from the hibiscus flower is particular effective in bringing that beautiful shine to your hair. Coconut oil is also known to improve the quality of your hair. You could slightly heat the oil before your massage for an even better effect.


Maintaining a good, healthy diet is an absolute necessity for strong, beautiful hair. Make sure that you include lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and plenty of liquids to your meals. Certain green leaves, such as the curry leaves, are known to be beneficial for your hair. Gooseberry, a strong source of vitamin C, is also known to be highly effective for the growth of strong and fabulous hair.

Make hair care a part of your daily beauty regimen and dazzle the world with your naturally strong and beautiful hair.