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Tank Tops and Yoga Mats

Tank Tops and Yoga Mats

Article About What You Need to Begin Yoga

In every person’s life, there is always a desire to improve upon something. For me, it is my weight and my flexibility. I have always struggled with my weight since early adulthood and forget flexibility. I could not even touch my toes one year ago. Why, you ask, because I had gained quite a bit of weight and did not know what to do about it. As confusing as it sounds, there are times where a person, like me does not know where to begin.

Let’s say you have a plan. Perchance you have decided to begin a do-it-yourself yoga program. The hardest part in doing yoga without a teacher ( I would know, I’m self-taught) is that you are without someone to help you. First of all before you do any stretching equipment is key. Here’s a small list of the things that you will need for beginning your exercising. I have also provided a picture from my personal belongings to let you know what they look like.

  1. A yoga mat is one of the most important things you will ever need. Some people use rugs or squares of carpet, but a mat always works best and helps keep you from sliding on the ground. You can get these at you local Target store, and that is were I got mine from.
  2. A cork block with help you with poses that are not so easy. The block provide you with a few extra inches on harder poses, especially if your flexibility has not come yet. And if you ever try inversion poses, a cork block helps you with the measurement of where you put your hands.
  3. A tank top is a very important article of clothing, especially if you are in an actual yoga class. Long sleeves can often get in the way, plus not to mention the sweat factor. Nothing is more embarrasing than to lift your arms and to show off sweat stains.
  4. A good pair of stretch pants are important too. I usually get mine from Target as well. I am very fond of the brand called Champion. They are cool and breezy, plus they usually come with a drawstring, so if you lose weight your drawers will ever come down. A drawstring is key, especially when you start to shape up and firm up. I unfortunately still need some work on the shaping and firming.
  5. A good yoga bag is probably the most important items as well. Even though you do not need a bag to stretch with, you will need a holder for all of your supplies, especially if you are taking classes or if you travel to a gym to stretch. A yoga bag is normally big enough to carry one mat, one tank top, one pair of pants, a book on yoga, and a cork block. Having your accessories all in one place is much easier than trying to transport them in paper or plastic bags.

Hopefully the list and the picture I have provided will help you know a bit more about what you need to begin your lifelong journed into yoga. Namaste!