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Art Journal to Explore Beauty: What is Beautiful to You? Create Art Project to Celebrate It.

Art Journal to Explore Beauty: What is Beautiful to You? Create Art Project to Celebrate It.The definition of beauty is different from one person to another. This does not mean there are a lot of people who are either right or they are wrong. It is a matter of opinion. For this art journal prompt, explore your personal definition of what beauty is.

For this art journal prompt, you will nee the following materials:

  • Art journal
  • Heavy-duty glue stick
  • Decoupage medium
  • Decorative papers (patterned, preferably)
  • Collage items
  • Rubber stamps
  • Inkpads
  • Scissors
  • Glitter gel pens or markers
  • Stickers

Before beginning this art journal prompt, set up your work area. Spread your items out as much as possible so you can see all of your selections. Now, ask yourself the following question:

What drew you to choosing these items?

This is the first step in formulating your definition of beauty. Did you choose these items because you were drawn to their beauty? Did you choose these items because of the potential they hold for making your art journal pages beautiful?

Follow these steps for completing this art journal prompt:

  1. Open your art journal to the first blank page spread. Using the decorated paper, cover both sides of the spread. This can be done with the paper torn, or you can layer clean cut squares throughout the spread. Whichever look you like the best is the way to go with this step.
  2. Layer collage items over the decorative paper. If some of these items are weighty or thick, use decoupage medium to ensure a secure hold. Create a structured look, a random look, or some sort of pattern. Again, whatever you like the best.
  3. Add rubber stamped images over the entire page spread. Again, this can be a structured or random look.
  4. The last layer you will be adding is stickers. If these stickers did not have a glass finish, you could actually switch this step with the rubber stamp step and achieve a very nice look. If you choose stickers with a gloss finish, though, it is a good idea to do this step last so it does not smear.
  5. Finish off the page spread using the glitter gel pens or markers. You can add text, swirls, doodles, or whatever else you would like. Let your hand and your imagination guide you through this step. There are not right or wrong choices here.

Now, sit back and admire your work. Does it look beautiful to you? Did you choose several different colors for your inkpads and writing instruments? Did you create a patterned piece, or was it completely random?