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Benfotiamine seems to be as close to a "wonder drug" as we are likely to see these days, even in the golden age of medical science. Of course, that statement is not entirely accurate, as this product is designated not as a drug but as a "dietary supplement" by the FDA. Either way, the range of ways in which this product can aid the body is truly staggering.

This supplement was concocted in Japan over fifty years ago, by doctors looking for treatments for neuropathy and sciatica, among other things. The supplement proved effective not only for those ailments, but for others as well. Better yet, the supplement has been shown not to interact adversely with any other medications thus far.


Benfotiamine Facts

The supplement is derived from vitamin b-1, known on the sides of cereal boxes everywhere as thiamine. Benfotiamine gives the body as much of this essential vitamin as it needs to combat many painful and annoying ailments. The list of possible positive effects seems nearly endless.

This supplement is helpful in treating not just sciatica and diabetic neuropathy listed above, but a number of other maladies as well. It has been proven to be very useful for those suffering from fibromyalgia and herpes zoster infections. This product even works to stem the tide of normal aging by protecting the body from the sometimes harmful effects of simply living for a long time!

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