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Candida Diets

There are several different kinds of candida diets that you can follow to help alleviate a candida infestation. To find one that suits you, do some research online. You will find a number of books too, that will give you sound advice on following a candida diet. They are all based on the same premise; that to fight candida you have to cut off all sources of nourishment to this opportunistic yeast. There are different levels of candida diet, because not everyone can manage the most stringent form of it, but the more you can starve the candida yeast, the better will be your results.

The first items that will have to go will be all kinds of sugars and refined starches. This includes, of course, white sugar, brown sugar, honey, molasses, dried fruits, and even fresh fruits for a period of time. If you have to eat fruits, eat them by themselves and on an empty stomach so that your system will process them quickly, reducing the chance that they will become food for candida.

Drop the Sugar and Yeast

It is wise to avoid all foods containing yeast too, as they will only add to the burden on your system. This especially includes bread, rolls, donuts, and any cakes made with yeast. To emphasize, these are doubly bad for anyone suffering from a candida infestation because they supply sugar and yeast. Anything made with flour should also be put aside for the time being, as it is a concentrated starch, as are potatoes and corn for example.

Sticking to non-dairy proteins and vegetables that are low on the glycemic scale would be the ideal plan. Be aware that this is not going to be a permanent way of eating for you. It will be necessary just until you get the candida infestation under control and then you can gradually add back healthy foods. If your diet has consisted largely of junk food and fast food up till now though, you would be well advised to make some permanent healthy changes in order to protect yourself from candida and other health problems in the future.

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