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Candidiasis Symptoms

It's a tall order to describe typical candidiasis symptoms for the simple reason that there are over 100 of them. Any person could be suffering from any combination of known symptoms, and candida sufferers commonly suffer from as many as 20 at any one time. This is the reason why candidiasis makes people so very ill. The condition can be progressive too. If allowed to go unchecked, it can render a person pretty much incapacitated.

However, the most common candidiasis symptoms that nearly every sufferer experiences can be described as follows. Tiredness, from mild ranging through to total exhaustion, is a basic marker. Nearly every sufferer complains of lack of energy and lack of that "spark" that keeps us in the midst of life. In fact, it is this lackluster feeling that most often sends candidiasis sufferers to seek a cure more than the other symptoms, painful and inconvenient though they may be.

How Candidiasis Makes You Feel

Pain is also a feature of candidiasis. It's never the same for everyone. Some suffer from painful joint conditions, and may even be diagnosed as suffering from rheumatism or arthritis. Others feel the pain in their muscles. Still others experience severe headaches, or even migraines, on a regular basis. Or it's possible that candidiasis can manifest itself as a painful disruption of the digestion process. This too can take many forms. Some are diagnosed as suffering from irritable bowel syndrome and some have acid reflux, and there are a host of permutations of gut symptoms that can all have their origins with an overgrowth of the candida fungus.

For those who go seeking a quick fix for candida problems, the outlook is not too rosy. There is no quick fix, and unless you're prepared to embrace a complete strategy for achieving wellness, you probably won't see much in the way of results. It's important to realize that getting rid of candida usually requires a many-pronged approach. Starting with diet and lifestyle changes makes the most sense. Deprive candida of its nourishment by eliminating sugars and starches from your diet for a while. Also, eliminate anything from your personal environment that could be reinforcing a candida infestation. Experiment with herbal teas and supplements that will enhance your immune system and help in the battle against candida. Think about taking a supplement of probiotics that can help deal the final death blow to candida for you. Probiotics are special organisms that are safe to your system and will even help to enhance immunity, but that are death to the candida organism.

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