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A Good Burger Can Also Be Healthy

A Good Burger Can Also Be Healthy


Many people love a good burger. Whether you prefer yours with cheese, bacon or chili – or all of the above piled up between two large buns, there is nothing in this world that can compare to the greasy goodness. Yet, in recent years the public has been made aware that the average burger is often loaded down with calories, fat and carbohydrates – factors that can not only cause weight gain but eventually lead to other health concerns.

This has lead many fast food and other restaurants to offer some creative solutions in making this popular fast food a little lighter. They may not be for everyone but the truth is that if you make burgers at home, a creating a healthy spin is not far from your reach or budget.

Cheese – In recent years, bleu cheese has become a favorite cheese for burgers. While bleu cheese salad dressing can be high in calories and fat content, a half-ounce (or 5-6 large crumbles) is only 50 calories. With its strong flavor, a few crumbs can enhance a burger without much guilt. Yet, cheddar is still the favorite among most adults; a single slice is about 114 calories. If the reduced calorie or fat-free versions are not appealing, then try Swiss as it half the calories per slice. Or if you are trying to reduce or eliminate altogether your dairy intake, then you may want to try soy versions of American, Cheddar and so on.

Meat – Many people are satisfied with using ground turkey or chicken as a substitute for beef in their burgers. If you buy lean (95% or higher), each 4-ounce patty is still less than 200 calories each. Pre-formed beef patties can be high in fat content (as much as 23%), although financially tempting to those looking to save a few dollars. Sometimes it is worth the extra effort to bring more flavors to the white meat alternative.

Condiments – If you didn’t know this before, mustard has less calories and fat than mayonnaise. If the taste ground mustard seeds is too sharp, then mustard blends such as honey or Dijon flavors will work just as well. A growing favorite is barbecue sauce or salsa, which the latter happens to be very low in calories (10 or less per ounce), fat (nada) and carbohydrates (less than five per ounce).

Bread – In recent, America has been fascinated by the flatbread craze for its reduced carb intake. The same results can be achieved by using low or fat-free tortillas, pita style or thin sandwich breads.

Vegetables – These do not have to limited to the usual lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. While many restaurant chains are getting on the grilled or sautéed veggie boat, realize that most of them are using beef fat or artery-clogging oils that are unnecessary to fry those irresistible carmelized onions. Also, mixing herbs and other spices in the ground meat before forming a patty will not only enhance the flavor but reduce the need for extras.

If you want to eliminate meat altogether or try something new, then grill a Portobello mushroom or large eggplant slice as you would a burger patty.

When it comes to the preparation, this can make a difference in a healthy meal as well. Cooking your burger in a skillet or other flat-surfaced pan will guarantee a greasy burger which equals a fatty burger (if using ground turkey or chicken, sunflower or canola can be used if you’re watching your waistline). You can get the outdoor grilling experience at home by flavoring your meat with liquid smoke before cooking and placing in a stovetop grilling pan or an electric indoor grill. Even placing your meat in a broiling pan that has a drain reservoir (or drip pan) will make a healthier burger.

Replace fries with a salad and carbonated drinks with natural flavored water and soon you will see results in your health.

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Healthy Fingernails and Health Problems

Healthy Fingernails and Health Problems


Healthy fingernails do not just look good. Your fingernail health can provide important clues about serious health problems and nutritional deficiencies. Learn how to read your fingernails without reading too much into them.

Healthy Fingernails Overview:

The appearance of your fingernails can be connected to health problems and nutritional deficiencies, but there’s no need to panic. Nail strength and appearance is more likely to be affected by relatively harmless factors like aging, exposure to hot water, or using your nails as tools. Look for these obvious causes or a local infection first before suspecting a serious systemic disease.

Fingernail Health and Serious Health Problems:

While you should not go overboard, it is valuable for doctors to check your fingernails. WebMD has a guide to healthy fingernails with 10 signs to look for in your nail appearance that can indicate serious medical conditions. These include red nail beds in the case of heart disease, or dark lines under the nail in the case of melanoma. You should report any changes you notice in nail strength or appearance to your doctor. Note that fine vertical ridges often develop with age and are usually not a cause for concern. Nails also tend to thin with age as the growth rate slows down.

Healthy Fingernails and Nutritional Deficiencies:

Nail strength and appearance can be very valuable in helping to identify and correct some nutritional deficiencies because fingernail health depends on a healthy diet. Two good examples of this are Vitamin D deficiency and iron deficiency. Many seniors suffer from Vitamin D deficiency which increases their risk for falls, broken bones, and depression. Studies show that Vitamin D levels are connected to fingernail thickness so this may provide helpful clues for detecting nutritional deficiencies and monitoring responses to treatment. In menstruating women, iron deficiency is very common. Fingernails can reveal signs of iron deficiency and anemia if the nail bed is thin and concave with raised ridges and the nails show signs of pallor. Women can consult their doctors to see if they would benefit from iron supplements. Calcium supplements can also help to improve nail strength as well as healthy bones. Unfortunately, the myth about eating Jell-O for nail health is just a myth. Eating gelatin does nothing for nail strength.

Healthy fingernails are a valuable tool for assessing your overall health, and your doctor can help you identify any real causes for concern.

Sources: WebMD, MayoClinic, US National Institutes of Health,

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Health Care, Homeland Security, Jobs? How About All Three?

Health Care, Homeland Security, Jobs? How About All Three?

One of the criticisms of President Obama and his first year in office is that his administration has not adequately addressed the issue of the economy. This criticism has come from his own party and that of the opposition, as well. The president’s poll numbers on this issue are increasingly reflecting the disappointment and frustration that the American people are feeling about this issue. This information is based on poll information that was presented on MSNBC on Monday, Jan. 25. When will the economy, specifically the very high unemployment rate, be addressed front and center?

Americans are sophisticated enough, one would think, to recognize that the other issues: health care reform, homeland security, etc. are also truly important issues. But first and foremost on the minds of Americans is the high unemployment rate. Without jobs, families are suffering. Neighborhoods and communities suffer as houses are foreclosed upon. This is what is on the minds of Americans and what they most want to hear discussed.

Not only is a discussion called for, however. Action is needed. The polls show that people are tired of rhetoric. Enough already. Real, specific action plans are called for. And if the people surrounding the president can’t come up with any, then they should be fired and replaced by people who can do the job.

My hope and wish is that this president will show the intelligence and energy and audacity that it took for him to attain the presidency and apply it now to this pressing concern.

Why not create a jobs program that will be centered around health care and homeland security? Wouldn’t these areas be a great place to start creating new jobs? Who would disapprove of increased homeland security? A bill before Congress which would earmark stimulus money for the creation of jobs in these areas might have a real chance of passing and would probably win the approval of the American people.

As for the banking industry, this administration must get tough and demand more oversight. Banks that use taxpayer money need to be more tightly regulated. The Glass-Steagall Act that separated commercial and investment banking should be reinstated. Americans are angry that these banking abuses have occurred and continue to occur.

My hope is that the President will address these concerns and bring about the “change” that is needed.


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How to Get Out of an Abusive or Unhealthy Relationship

How to Get Out of an Abusive or Unhealthy RelationshipI can tell you right now that if you know you are in an abusive relationship, you should not be looking on the internet for advice on how to get out of it. But, I know that so many people resort to that, so I’m going to try to help those people out with this article. Honestly, where you should be going is to someone you trust. Sometimes it’s hard to find people to trust, so I can understand how the next best thing is to trust a stranger.

The first thing that you need to realize is that you do not deserve to be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship. You deserve to be respected, cherished, and loved in every sense of each word. Stop making excuses for you or the other person. There is no excuse or reason why one person should abuse the one person they say they love. I know that it’s hard to walk away from someone you love, but sometimes that’s the best thing you can do for them. I don’t care what kind of abuse it is, be it mental, verbal, physical, emotional, whatever. You do not deserve that, and you need to leave and find someone who will treat you right.

You also need to remind yourself that this abuse is not your fault. This person can say all they want that it’s because of you that they abuse you. But this is just not the case. It is because of the abusive person that they are like that. It is all them and they are the ones that need help. They need to go see a counselor or a therapist that can help them work through their problems. There are many different parts of people’s lives that affect the way they act towards other people. Your partner probably watched their own parents abuse each other, or even abuse drugs and alcohol. You partner could be involved in drugs and alcohol themselves and that makes them become abusive. This is something that you cannot change, especially if you are in danger of being hurt. The best thing you can do is walk away and don’t look back. Some people never change. And you can’t do it for them, they have to want to change themselves.

It becomes a bigger issue if you think that leaving this relationship is going to put you in bigger danger. If you think that your partner is going to do something to you if you leave, then you need to contact the police and tell them about what’s been going on, especially if he/she threatens you or has already caused you physical injuries. That is illegal and the police will not let your partner do something to you. Call them especially if you have marks on your body because the police will arrest him/her on the spot.

If you are unsure what to do or you aren’t sure how or if you can leave this abusive or unhealthy relationship, you need to talk to somebody. There are so many people in your life that can help you, even if you don’t think there are. If you are in high school, talk to a teacher or guidance counselor. Remember that a member of the staff in your school is required to speak if they are informed of physical abuse of one of students. This is a good thing. They will help you get through this. If you are not in school, talk to someone you trust or even a therapist. They will know how to help you. If you need to, get a restraining order from the person who is abusing you so that you can remain safe.

If you are a victim of abuse, then you need to contact someone immediately. Call the abuse hotline at 800-621-4673.

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Healthy and Happy Animals!

Healthy and Happy Animals!At Paw Prints, the staff believes that ‘healthy pets are happy pets’, and they back that up with offerings of high quality food, toys and other products. They pride themselves on having the latest, healthiest and most unique products, from beds made from recycled materials to a wide variety of mouth-watering treats.

What to Expect
When you arrive you will experience a clean, organized store with a well-stocked inventory. There is a section for beds, treats (some of which are homemade), toys, and healthy dog food, including a refrigerator full of frozen, raw food for dogs. There is also a section for cats, which includes the same items. The staff is warm and welcoming and will answer any and all questions that you might have. They are well-versed and are pet-owners themselves. Their passion comes through in the conversations that they have with each customer. Each member of the staff has considerable knowledge about the products that they carry. They are always willing to give you authentic advice or let you sample a treat. At the Highlands Ranch location, there is also an on-site spa for dogs. The bottom line is that your dog will leave their very satisfied; my dogs cry when we pull up in anticipation of the great things inside.

Innova, Taste of the Wild, Evo, TimberWolf Organics, Prairie, Canidae, California Natural, Acana, Merrick and Wellness.

The first time I went to Paw Prints, I spent over an hour trying to figure out what would be the best food for my dog. The staff spent time with me, going over ingredients, and talking about what might be best for my breed. They also spoke about the companies who made them, and how the food is processed. Once I finally narrowed down my choices, they gave me samples of each food, and encouraged me to see what my dog liked and responded to the best.

After a few weeks, I made my choice, and they set me up on a frequent buyer program. My dogs love this food! Over the past two years, we have bought and enjoyed Prairie, Merrick, Wellness, Innova, Evo and Taste of the Wild. My two furry friends love them all, and are never picky about what they are eating. We made the mistake of buying some food at Petco recently when Paw Prints was closed. This resulted in two very sick dogs. We stock up ahead now, and have never looked back. The best part is that the food is reasonably priced, and was actually less expensive than the food we purchased at Petco, that was lower in quality. Lesson learned.

Specialty Items
Treats for dogs with allergies, raw diet food, beef and buffalo bones, super durable toys for tenacious chewers, stylish collars and leashes from Walk-e-Woo and other brands.

Centennial Store: 6842 S. Yosemite Street Centennial, CO 80112 720-482-6806
Hours: M-F 10-6, Sat. 10-4, Sun. 10-2
Highlands Ranch Store: 6654 Timberline Road Unit C Highlands Ranch, CO 80130 303-471-4230
Hours: M-F 10-6, Sat. 10-5

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A Recipe for Beauty: Homemade Beauty Products

A Recipe for Beauty: Homemade Beauty Products

Women have used cosmetics almost since the dawn of time. Before sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and injectable beauty treatments, women turned to their own backyards (so to speak) for their beauty needs. Those products discovered to be good for the skin back in those days are still just as good for us today, and even more easily found, thanks to grocery stores, mass merchandisers, and even health food stores.

Body Treatments

Make your own exfoliating scrub using brown sugar and oil. Mix equal parts of brown sugar with olive oil (almond will also work), and scrub into your skin prior to entering the shower. Rinse off well, but do not soap up. The oil will deeply penetrate your skin with the heat of the shower; soap would simply strip it away. If you would like to add an essential oil for extra fragrance, consult an expert to determine which are safe to use on your skin – lavender is probably the best choice, but tea tree oil is also good for those with body acne problems

For a cellulite treatment similar to those you’ll find in a bottle, use a coffee scrub. ¼ cup used coffee grounds mixed with a tablespoon of olive oil smoothed into your thighs and derriere leave your skin smooth and clear. The caffeine temporarily tightens and tones your skin. This may also be used on your face, but if your skin is oily, you may prefer to use diluted tea tree oil instead of olive oil.

For a skin-softening, stress-relieving luxurious bath, add a quart of milk (powdered milk works fine, just rehydrate first) along with 2 tablespoons of honey to your bath water. If a milk bath kept Cleopatra lovely, it can do the same for you.

Facial Treatments

Steaming your face to open pores and remove impurities may well be the simplest and least expensive of them all. Simply fill a large bowl with hot water, add a few drops of essential oil, then place your face over the bowl (not IN the bowl), and tent a towel over your head to keep the steam in. After about 5 minutes, splash cool water onto your face to tighten pores and bring brightness to your skin.

This gentle facial scrub is perfect for acne-prone skin – the honey moisturizes, but also contains antimicrobial properties that fight against acne-causing bacteria! Put two tablespoons of oatmeal in the blender and blend until coarse. Add a teaspoon of honey and one tablespoon of milk and mix into a thick paste. Apply to your skin, smooth in small circles using only middle and ring fingers. You may then rinse it off or leave it on for 15 minutes as a mask.

Use plain, unsweetened yogurt directly on your skin for a moisturizing AHA mask. Mix with honey and/or banana for extra hydrating and anti-microbial benefits.

For pimples, try applying a paste made of a crushed aspirin tablet (salicylic acid) and distilled water and leaving on overnight. A dab of tea tree oil also works well, as does paste toothpaste. For a natural toner, try witch hazel either alone, or mixed with tea tree oil (for oily skin), cucumber (for dry skin), or chamomile tea (for sensitive skin). As with any DIY product, keep refrigerated, and only make small amounts that you can use up within about a week’s time, since there are no artificial preservatives.

Natural hydrators can be made or bought. Cocoa butter is a thick, rich moisturizer that can be applied all over your body and face, including your lips. Olive and coconut oil can also be applied body-wide, face and lips. Hydrating from the inside out is also a good idea, drinking plenty of water and other liquids throughout the day.

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Tips for Maintaining Healthy, Beautiful Hair

Tips for Maintaining Healthy, Beautiful Hair

A perfect beauty routine includes maintenance of all the vital parts – skin, hair, nails, teeth, etc. There is so much to look into and you may not have all the time in the world. However a little bit of effort and time twice a week should get you by. It is not important to do a whole lot in one day; if you can invest a few minutes everyday on beauty care, it should be enough to make you look all beautiful and gorgeous.

Your hair is an important part of your appearance and good, vibrant hair largely contributes to an overall attractive look. Bad hair can spoil your otherwise gorgeous looks. If you have taken extra care to wear a great dress, and done perfect make up to go with it, but somehow didn’t care much for your hair- it will all come to waste. Great hair always complements your good looks and makes you look like a million bucks. Let us have a look at some easy ways to maintain fabulous, shining hair.

Oil massaging your hair

Why need all the cosmetic hair care products available in the market when you can have a natural head massage in your home? Oil massages can do wonders to your hair and they also act as natural conditioners. Leave-in conditioners are not highly recommended by beauty experts as they tend to make your hair dry and brittle. Your hair is delicate and needs to be treated with care. Therefore anything natural should work perfectly.

For a good head and hair massage, use a combination of different oils- olive, rosemary, almond and any natural oil you can get hold of. One kind of natural oil that is made from the hibiscus flower is particular effective in bringing that beautiful shine to your hair. Coconut oil is also known to improve the quality of your hair. You could slightly heat the oil before your massage for an even better effect.


Maintaining a good, healthy diet is an absolute necessity for strong, beautiful hair. Make sure that you include lots of fresh vegetables, fruits and plenty of liquids to your meals. Certain green leaves, such as the curry leaves, are known to be beneficial for your hair. Gooseberry, a strong source of vitamin C, is also known to be highly effective for the growth of strong and fabulous hair.

Make hair care a part of your daily beauty regimen and dazzle the world with your naturally strong and beautiful hair.

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Buy Nioxin

Buy Nioxin

The best place to buy Nioxin products is from a professional beauty supply reseller. Nioxin itself does not sell their products directly to the consumer. Instead, they offer their product lines through resellers, most notably professional stylists and salons. This method allows the professional stylist to act as a consultant, helping you select the most effective methods for dealing with your hair loss.

The reason the hair stylist usually works as an intermediary is due to the highly diverse nature of both hair loss, and the Nioxin systems. Since various Nioxin products are designed to specifically address one or more factors contributing to hair loss, the choice between types of Nioxin products is usually highly personalized. Nioxin believes that professional beauticians and stylists are best able to analyze and assess each person’s specific problems related to thinning hair. Hair salon professionals can then compile a system, combining products specially chosen to meet each person’s hair loss needs.


Why Buy Nioxin From Professionals?

Some Nioxin treatments are administered over a set number of days or weeks. These systems may entail the use of different products for different phases of the process. In these situations, the right product to employ at a certain stage may be dependent on the treatment’s visible progress. Professional stylists are best able to monitor and assess that progress, making their role as Nioxin consultants all the more significant.

Once you’ve consulted with a professional and developed a personalized Nioxin system, you will still need occasional product refills. Many people find it convenient to order their refills from online resellers. Online resellers are internet merchants who have been licensed by Nioxin to carry their products. Before making a purchase from an online reseller, always make sure that they are officially licensed by Nioxin, otherwise they may be trading on the brand name while actually selling inferior knock-off merchandise.

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Benfotiamine seems to be as close to a "wonder drug" as we are likely to see these days, even in the golden age of medical science. Of course, that statement is not entirely accurate, as this product is designated not as a drug but as a "dietary supplement" by the FDA. Either way, the range of ways in which this product can aid the body is truly staggering.

This supplement was concocted in Japan over fifty years ago, by doctors looking for treatments for neuropathy and sciatica, among other things. The supplement proved effective not only for those ailments, but for others as well. Better yet, the supplement has been shown not to interact adversely with any other medications thus far.


Benfotiamine Facts

The supplement is derived from vitamin b-1, known on the sides of cereal boxes everywhere as thiamine. Benfotiamine gives the body as much of this essential vitamin as it needs to combat many painful and annoying ailments. The list of possible positive effects seems nearly endless.

This supplement is helpful in treating not just sciatica and diabetic neuropathy listed above, but a number of other maladies as well. It has been proven to be very useful for those suffering from fibromyalgia and herpes zoster infections. This product even works to stem the tide of normal aging by protecting the body from the sometimes harmful effects of simply living for a long time!

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Retinopathy refers to a type of disorder that damages the eyes. The damage done is to the retina, and the effects of the disorder can range from spotty vision to total blindness. While there are several factors that can contribute to the development of this ailment, one of the most common is diabetes.

Diabetes can damage the minute blood vessels that lead to the retina. Abnormal vessels form as a result, and, in the final stage of the disorder, blood is leaked into the eye from those vessels. The disorder most commonly affects both eyes.


Methods for Battling Retinopathy

Between forty and forty-five percent of diabetics will have to deal with retinopathy. Catching the disease in its earliest stages is crucial for optimal recovery. Make sure to see a doctor right away of you feel you might be developing this ailment; furthermore, it's wise to schedule an eye exam each year to be on the lookout.

Once a diagnosis is in hand, treatment can begin. If caught in the early stages, the problem can be addressed with strict attention to diet and blood glucose levels, as well as the use of a supplement such as benfotiamine. Treatment in later stages may include laser eye surgery to remedy the issue.