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Continuing Education For Occupational Therapists

Patients Benefit from the Continuing Education for Occupational Therapists

The continuing education for occupational therapists is essential to the well-being of their patients. Anyone who is suffering from a chronic condition like lymphedema, or an injury to a part of the body, knows that it can seem overwhelming to even get out of bed and face the day. Occupational therapists play an integral role in the positive progression a patient makes throughout his or her therapy.

Occupational therapists are trained professionals who deal with all aspects of injury and disease management and therapy. They help patients handle the physical, emotional, and mental obstacles that often accompany debilitating conditions, such as arthritis, injuries from an accident, or lymphedema. Anyone who has ever gone from being a fully-functioning person to someone who is dependent on others for help, knows the pain associated with such circumstances.


Finding A Qualified Therapist

If you suffer from lymphedema, your doctor may recommend that you see an occupational therapist for regular treatments. If your doctor does not give you a referral, you must find an OT on your own. This can seem overwhelming but we'll give you some guidelines to follow that will help make your search easier.

It is important that you ask certain questions before hiring an OT to work with you. Make sure you ask a candidate where they got their training, how many hours of training they have had, what their certifications are, how long they have been doing Manual Lymph Drainage or Complete Decongestive Therapy, and if there is a doctor or nurse associated with their facility. Also ask them what type of continuing education for occupational therapists they have undergone, and ask them to provide references.

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