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Fall  Beauty Favorites: Lip Balm Edition

Keeping your lips soft and supple is important, regardless of the season. However, many people experience dry and chapped lips during the summer, leaving them to seek ways to revitalize their damaged lips during the following seasons. Fall is the perfect time of the year to moisturize and bring back those hydrated puckers that summer drained of life. This season, there is a plethora of great lip balm favorites to try, with plenty of pleasant scents and eye-popping shades that beauty guru's are sure to love. To save yourself some time and soothe those aching lips from sun exposure and lack of moisture, try out these great lip balms.

C.O Bigelow Rose Salve This salve is great for treating a variety of different issues that you might experience, however, many people swear by its use as a lip balm. It moisturizes the lips greatly and helps them to heal from cracked and chapped states. Unlike many other salves that are available at the market, this one smells like roses, making it an ideal choice.

Philosophy's "Kiss Me" Lip Ointment If your lips are chapped and peeling, this is a great balm to use to help repair them. In comparison to some of the balms that you may commonly find, this is an ointment, so it won't be sticky when applied on your lips. This smooth ointment helps to keep your lips moisturized throughout the day.

MAC Lip Conditioner For those who are addicted to MAC cosmetics, you will be pleased to discover that they also offer a great balm option. This lip balm helps to keep your lips protected during the summer and any time they might be exposed to the rays of the sun; in fact, the balm features an SPF of 15. It is also tinted so you can add a little color, as needed.

Beecology Lip Balm If you dislike having to use balms that have tons of chemicals and unexpected ingredients in them, check out this natural balm instead. Regardless of how chapped your lips might be, this balm will help by moisturizing them naturally to soften them up.

Blistex Lip Medex Those who prefer salves may enjoy this option provided by Blistex. It will keep your lips soft without that medicated smell that most people associate with these types of balms. It's also great for exfoliating dead skin off of the lips.


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