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Female Pattern Baldness

Though baldness is typically associated with men, many women may also experience female pattern baldness. Women can suffer from many different types of hair loss. There are many options in fighting hair loss and fixing areas that are already bald.

Female pattern baldness can be frightening to many women. It can serve as an end to long, beautiful hair. Thinning hair or loss of hair can lead to embarrassment and insecurity.


How to Stop Female Pattern Baldness

There are various methods to consider when looking for a way to stop female pattern baldness. Many women use treatments such as hair creams, shampoos, holistic medicine, and hormone therapy. Others may purchase a wig to hide an embarrassing amount of hair loss.

The most effective method for treating female baldness is hair transplantation. Hair transplantation can be intense and expensive, but the result is often thrilling to women. Hair transplantation allows for women to regain a full head of hair permanently.

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