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Fibromyalgia Information

Fibromyalgia information comes from many different sources and in many different forms, but a lot of it can actually be quite frustrating. Such frustration with most fibromyalgia information stems from the fact that the "why's" and "how's" that relate to the development of this affliction are so poorly understood. The "who's" are known only a bit better: women are more prone to the disorder than men, though both genders are susceptible.

The symptoms of fibromyalgia are much better documented, for better or worse. This disorder attacks the muscles of the body, leaving them feeling as if they're always sore or overstretched. In some cases the symptoms also include sharp or burning pain.


Fibromyalgia Information: Treatment

As the causes of the malady are not clear, it has not been possible to create a cure for this affliction. However, there are some steps that those affected can take to rid themselves of some of the distress of fibromyalgia. One of these steps is to closely monitor your diet.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies often go hand in hand with fibromyalgia, and some of these can be corrected to lead to a more pain-free lifestyle. A magnesium deficiency is particularly common, and can be remedied with an increased intake of root vegetables. Increased amounts of thiamine, provided by supplements like benfotiamine, may also help with the aches and pains of this condition.

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