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Great Reasons To Get A Massage

The art of massage therapy has been around a long time. We know the Chinese wrote books about it in 3,0000BC. Homer refers to it in 100BC and Hippocrates referred to the use of friction to treat sprains and dislocations. Julius Caesar received a daily massage for neuralgia and epileptic seizures.

The use of touch to heal is widely accepted today and its benefits are many. When the body is very fatigued or under stress, massage can work away tension. The repetitive, gentle stroking motion of the human hand can be very restorative. Muscles start to relax and a feeling of wellness and being cared for, takes over. Breathing slows, the mind becomes more still.

When one is suffering from ailments which include poor circulation, massage therapy can be very stimulating. It can also aid in proper drainage of the lymphatic system, which helps to improve one’s health in general.

Athletes depend upon massage to keep their muscles, joints and ligaments healthy. A good massage therapist helps with flexability, including appropriate stretching techniques. Recovery is necessary from overuse and the demands put upon the body. Inflammation can be reduced by encouraging circulation to a part of body which has sustained an injury.
Massage is also recommended for the relief of chronic pain. It is a kind of physical therapy and is frequently prescribed to manage the symptoms of arthritis and other conditions that affect joints and movement.

Babies born prematurely gain weight faster if massaged regularly. The human touch seems to be a key ingredient.

One hour in the hands of a competent massage therapist, may be all it takes to recover from a stressful week or an over-energetic game of Saturday tennis. Whether one chooses deep-tissue work or a relaxing Swedish-style massage, this ancient healing art works wonders.

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