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Hair Loss Remedies

Hair loss remedies have probably been around as long as baldness. While a miracle cure for male pattern baldness might be an attractive proposition, it has yet to become a reality, despite the claims made by any number of "secret" hair loss remedies. The fact is, genetically influenced hair loss (such as male pattern baldness) cannot be stopped or reversed. There is no known medical cure for the condition. If there was, it's safe to say it would be front-page news, and not relegated to mail order "miracle hair growth" pills. However, while the cure for genetic hair loss still eludes us, it's important to remember that hair loss can be caused by numerous factors aside from genetics, many of which are treatable. With that in mind, you might be able to see how some current hair loss remedies can have a significant impact on your life.

Hair loss that's not genetic in nature can often be attributed to external factors influencing the condition of the scalp. Poor scalp circulation, oxidation, and moisture can be responsible for unhealthy follicles, unable to maintain a normal hair growth cycle. When hair grows, it goes through three phases–the initial growth, the destruction of the follicle, and a period of being at rest before falling out in order to be replaced by a new hair. Bad scalp conditions can cut the middle cycle short, causing the "at-rest" hairs to be shed before replacements can arrive. This can result in the appearance of thinning hair. Modern hair loss remedies focus on maintaining a healthy scalp, providing the cycle of hair growth with a chance to catch up.


The Basis of Hair Loss Remedies

In order for an efficient hair growth cycle to take place, the scalp must be free of residues, debris, proteins, and chemical buildups that can come from many styling gels. Proper circulation and moisture are conducive to a healthy scalp environment, as these conditions help increase the tensile strength of the hair, preventing it from breaking off prematurely. Effective hair regrowth remedies aim to create and sustain that kind of scalp environment, allowing the hair to become more full as the growth cycle gradually rights itself.

Nioxin offers several lines of products designed to maintain the proper scalp environment, and aid in the restoration of damaged and lost hair. The Nioxin hair regrowth remedies include a number of topical solutions, such as shampoos, conditioners, and treatments, all created to restore the scalp and hair to full potential. Nioxin also offers a dietary supplement comprised of all natural ingredients, and is designed to promote healthy skin and nails, as well as scalps.

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