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Hair restoration is the most effective treatment for hair loss. There are many other products available to help combat the effects of hair loss. However, hair restoration usually produces the most impressive results.

Hair loss can be caused by any number of factors. 95 percent of baldness cases are related to genetics. Other factors that may contribute to hair loss include head trauma, stress, dehydration, illness, and poor nutrition.

It is natural to lose 50 to 150 strands of hair each day. When hair loss exceeds hair growth, balding occurs. 40 million men and 20 million women currently experience hair loss through balding, thinning hair, or a receding hair line.


Comparing Hair Restoration to Other Treatments for Hair Loss

Hair restoration is often the last resort in hair loss treatment. In the initial stages of hair loss, most will purchase different creams, tonics, sprays, lotions, or gels to fight hair loss. Most of these products will temporarily thicken existing hair, but will not promote new hair growth.

Rogaine is the only known topical hair replacement treatment to promote some hair growth. You do not need a prescription to purchase it. Before using this product, keep in mind that your hair will not grow back completely by using Rogaine.

Propecia is a drug that can only be prescribed by a hair restoration clinic specialist. Like topical treatments, Propecia will not promote hair re-growth. Yet, this drug is very effective in preventing future hair loss.

Hair restoration is currently the only treatment that will restore a full head of hair to a balding individual. It is a time-consuming and often expensive surgical procedure. However, the results are usually thrilling for patients.

With hair restoration, patients can enjoy a permanent, full head of hair. Many restoration specialists will prescribe Propecia to patients so that additional hair loss will not occur. Hair restoration surgery is currently the most effective and desirable treatment for hair loss today.

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