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Health Care, Homeland Security, Jobs? How About All Three?

Health Care, Homeland Security, Jobs? How About All Three?

Health Care, Homeland Security, Jobs? How About All Three?

One of the criticisms of President Obama and his first year in office is that his administration has not adequately addressed the issue of the economy. This criticism has come from his own party and that of the opposition, as well. The president’s poll numbers on this issue are increasingly reflecting the disappointment and frustration that the American people are feeling about this issue. This information is based on poll information that was presented on MSNBC on Monday, Jan. 25. When will the economy, specifically the very high unemployment rate, be addressed front and center?

Americans are sophisticated enough, one would think, to recognize that the other issues: health care reform, homeland security, etc. are also truly important issues. But first and foremost on the minds of Americans is the high unemployment rate. Without jobs, families are suffering. Neighborhoods and communities suffer as houses are foreclosed upon. This is what is on the minds of Americans and what they most want to hear discussed.

Not only is a discussion called for, however. Action is needed. The polls show that people are tired of rhetoric. Enough already. Real, specific action plans are called for. And if the people surrounding the president can’t come up with any, then they should be fired and replaced by people who can do the job.

My hope and wish is that this president will show the intelligence and energy and audacity that it took for him to attain the presidency and apply it now to this pressing concern.

Why not create a jobs program that will be centered around health care and homeland security? Wouldn’t these areas be a great place to start creating new jobs? Who would disapprove of increased homeland security? A bill before Congress which would earmark stimulus money for the creation of jobs in these areas might have a real chance of passing and would probably win the approval of the American people.

As for the banking industry, this administration must get tough and demand more oversight. Banks that use taxpayer money need to be more tightly regulated. The Glass-Steagall Act that separated commercial and investment banking should be reinstated. Americans are angry that these banking abuses have occurred and continue to occur.

My hope is that the President will address these concerns and bring about the “change” that is needed.


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