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Hyfrecators are used in a variety of disciplines. The removal of skin cancers, moles, spider veins, and skin tags are examples of the diversity of use. When procedures are done in the office, a smoke evacuation system is often used during desiccation to remove the smoke, odors, and airborne pathogens generated by the procedure. Many accessories are available for hyfrecators including wall-mount kits, table stands, and filter packs.

Disposable accessories for hyfrecators include pencil sheaths, sterile hand piece sheaths, and electrodes. To avoid cross-contamination, it is essential to use either disposable tips and needles or autoclavable accessories. The heat from the hyfrecator is not enough to sterilize and kill all bacteria. Needle adapters and suction coagulator tips are available for use with the hyfrecator.

More Information about Hyfrecators

A hyfrecator is an instrument designed to deliver electricity to the skin. Precautions should be taken according to the manufacturer's instructions about the settings for destroying lesions. A small lesion may require a setting of 30, while a dense lesion may require a setting as high as 60. Proper training and understanding of the equipment is required before use. Safety issues must be understood prior to initiating treatment.

This is an electro-desiccation, coagulation, and fulguration solid-state unit with two monopolar modes and one bipolar mode. The monopolar mode has a low of up to 20 watts and a high of up to 35 watts. The bipolar mode offers up to 35 watts. A 10-foot cord offers room for plenty of movement from either a wall-mount or a table-mount unit.

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