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Male Yeast Infection

Male Yeast Infection

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Men can get an infection of the genitals in the same way that women can. The causes are the same: some aspect of the sufferer’s lifestyle or diet has triggered an imbalance in the body’s flora (naturally occurring organisms in the gut and genital area), to allow the yeast candida to flourish out of control. A male yeast infection may or may not occur at the same time that other symptoms of a candida infection manifest themselves. Candida is the main cause of balanitis, which is an infection of the tip of the penis.

Discharge and Male Yeast Infections

Taking supplements of probiotics can be very effective at restoring balance within the body to effectively cure this condition. Meanwhile, stringent hygiene should be practiced and anti-fungal cream applied to the area every day. Male yeast infections are much more common in uncircumcised men, and diabetics. So if yeast infections are a recurring problem, sufferers may consider circumcision as a practical solution.

A male yeast infection is less likely to produce a discharge than female yeast infections. Nevertheless it can occur. However, the most common symptoms are dry skin and intense itchiness in the area. If a discharge does occur, it is important to have tests as soon as possible to rule out other problems, such as sexually transmitted diseases.

Male yeast infections are more likely to occur through sexual transmission than are female yeast infections. Other possible symptoms of male yeast infections are a burning sensation on urination. Remember that antifungal creams have been known to destroy condoms. It is generally agreed that if one partner has a yeast infection, both should be taking steps to cure an infection and reduce the levels of candida in the blood stream.

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