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Millions of men and women deal with thinning hair on a daily basis. There are as many myths about the causes of hair loss as there are rumors about secret "miracle" cures for the condition. Despite popular opinion, wearing hats, using hair dryers, or towel drying your hair does not lead to pattern baldness. By the same token, miracle dietary supplements and topical treatments cannot reverse the effects of male pattern baldness, one of the most widely recognized forms of hair loss. However, male pattern baldness accounts for only one type of hair loss. There are other explanations for thinning hair. As an industry leader, and the maker of the most often professionally recommended products in its market, Nioxin has built a reputation for reliability and effectiveness when it comes to dealing with the appearance of thinning hair.

While some types of hair loss, such as pattern baldness, are genetic and may be untreatable, other kinds can be traced to one of several causes–many of which can be treated with Nioxin products. A wide range of Nioxin treatments allow individuals to target the source of their thinning hair, by reconstructing the scalp and hair conditions essential for healthy growth. A dermatologist can usually assess the reasons for hair loss, which are divided into several groups.

Thinning hair can usually be traced to one of six primary factors, some of which can be more easily addressed than others. The first of these factors is a genetic predisposition. This hereditary condition accounts for what is referred to as male pattern baldness. The onset of male pattern baldness can begin anywhere from the teens to late middle age, and the rate of progression varies with the individual. Although it may be influenced by some hormonal factors, male pattern baldness is largely genetic, and currently irreversible.

Before you despair, keep in mind that other factors can contribute to thin-looking hair. Even people suffering from genetic hair loss may be experiencing additional loss due to another factor. This means the extent of hair loss, even in people with some signs of pattern baldness, might be curtailed though the use of Nioxin products. In cases of hair loss where genetic factors are absent, the hair can often be fully restored to its former appearance.


Nioxin Products and Hair Loss Factors

The next two possible causes of thinning hair are medical and pharmaceutical factors. Some medical conditions, such as thyroid problems, can have an adverse effect on hair growth. In addition, certain medications and medical treatments are known to impair normal hair growth. These can range from chemotherapy to simple dermatological pills, such as acne medications. Medical and pharmaceutical based hair loss is rarely permanent, and the hair is usually restored after a period of adjustment. However, other types of non-genetic hair loss can grow more severe with time, if not properly addressed.

External factors, such as stress and trauma to the hair, follicles, and scalp can play a role in the thinning of hair. These factors create an environment that restricts blood flow and vitamin assimilation, both of which are central to healthy hair growth. Another factor can be the environment itself. Exposure to certain metals, water pollutants, minerals, and metals can be severely detrimental to normal hair growth. Nutrition can also play an important part in hair growth. Diets that include high consumptions of proteins, fats, and certain artificial supplements can impair the scalp's ability to produce healthy hair. Despite their differences, these factors cause hair loss in a similar fashion, by damaging or inhibiting the scalp. Most Nioxin products focus on promoting a healthy, nourished scalp as a measure against thinning hair.

Nioxin counters these hair loss catalysts by creating an optimal environment for healthy hair growth. Nioxin offers several lines of products, tailored to different types of hair loss. These products range from topical treatments, to shampoos, conditioners, and styling solutions. People with chemically enhanced hair can use Nioxin's Bionutrient Protectives line of products to deal with the appearance of thinning hair. The Protectives line helps to build strong, healthy hair by cleansing the scalp of chemical residue, and product buildup. It also distributes vitamin nourishment and moisture to the scalp, providing chemically enhanced hair with the best chances of growing. The Bionutrient Actives line focuses on non-chemically enhanced hair. This line creates a scalp environment that fosters thick, healthy hair growth for previously thin-looking hair. Bionutrient Actives use a combination of botanical and herbal solutions to cleanse and condition the scalp and hair, minimizing many of the external factors that can create the appearance of thinning hair.

Additional products and supplements can be used to sustain the healthy status of a newly restored scalp. Nioxin conditioners supply recovering and fine hair with moisture, while keeping it manageable and shiny. Special needs products can be used to exfoliate, oxidize, and stimulate some excessively damaged scalps, helping to foster the right conditions for successful hair growth. Nioxin also offers a line of styling products designed to suit the needs of fine and thin-looking hair. These styling products are made of light, natural components, and contain none of the chemical residues that can often lead to hair loss.

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