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Reliv International

Founded in 1988, Reliv International is a multi-level company specializing in nutritional supplements. Based on independent distributors, Reliv sells a whole line of vitamin and herb blends aimed towards helping people to achieve healthier lifestyles. Now with over 35,000 independent distributors in ten countries, Reliv is growing quickly and looking for more distributors.

A History of the Company

The nutritional formulas that form the backbone of Reliv's success were first designed by Dr. Ted Kalgoris. After being injured in World War II, he traveled the world in a wheelchair, working for both the International Health and World Health organizations. He started to look into alternatives to the drugs he was taking, and his own nutritional formula is still sold as Reliv Classic. It was patented in 1988, when the family of Robert L. Montgomery saw the effects this formula had on his recovery from brain cancer. They decided to share this discovery with the world, and started Reliv that same year–by 1993, the company had distributors in all 50 states, and was a multi-million dollar business.

In 1995, the company was expanding into Greece and the United Kingdom, and was doing well enough to found its own philanthropic organization–the Kalgoris foundation. In 1996, the company really took off, though. With a huge boost in financial gains and corresponding boost in recruiting, Reliv's line of supplements kept expanding, too.

Today, Reliv International has been honored by the John Paul II Foundation for international philanthropy. The company's profits continue to increase, and these gains translate to more and more benefits for distributors. Now found in the U.S., the U.K., Malaysia, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Canada, the Phillipines, and Singapore, the future looks bright for Reliv.

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