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Retinopathy refers to a type of disorder that damages the eyes. The damage done is to the retina, and the effects of the disorder can range from spotty vision to total blindness. While there are several factors that can contribute to the development of this ailment, one of the most common is diabetes.

Diabetes can damage the minute blood vessels that lead to the retina. Abnormal vessels form as a result, and, in the final stage of the disorder, blood is leaked into the eye from those vessels. The disorder most commonly affects both eyes.


Methods for Battling Retinopathy

Between forty and forty-five percent of diabetics will have to deal with retinopathy. Catching the disease in its earliest stages is crucial for optimal recovery. Make sure to see a doctor right away of you feel you might be developing this ailment; furthermore, it's wise to schedule an eye exam each year to be on the lookout.

Once a diagnosis is in hand, treatment can begin. If caught in the early stages, the problem can be addressed with strict attention to diet and blood glucose levels, as well as the use of a supplement such as benfotiamine. Treatment in later stages may include laser eye surgery to remedy the issue.

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