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Tests For Candida

Tests For Candida

Because candida is so often misdiagnosed, if you suspect you might have candida you will need to get tested to confirm it if you want the medical profession to take you seriously. As candida is a natural inhabitant of the intestines and the genital area, as you might imagine it is a little difficult to test accurately for a candida infestation. Too often doctors in fact contend that it is impossible to have a candida infestation unless the host has cancer, HIV, or some other cause of serious immune depression.

Many sufferers, who are diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome for example, are regarded by the medical profession as malingerers. Only someone suffering from a severe candida infestation can know how unfair that is. Candida can produce many different symptoms; over 100 in all have been documented. Any sufferer may have 20 or more separate symptoms. They are certainly not “all in the mind.”

Conducting Tests for Candida

If you have trouble finding a physician to conduct tests for candida, think about changing your medical care provider to someone a little more understanding, and preferably with experience of candida. There are several different blood tests that can reveal candida. Remember that to merely show that candida is in your system is just about useless. Everyone has candida in their system.

For testing to be of any use, you need to know how much of a problem there is. Some tests can tell you exactly how much candida you have in your system, and how active your immune system is, too. You might also consider a good kinesiologist for help in this direction; it is an option. Granted it’s not a solution that would please everyone, but the fact of the matter is that kinesiologists have a good record of helping people identify what ails them in difficult circumstances such as this.

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