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Thiamine Deficiency

Thiamine Deficiency

A thiamine deficiency can actually be a very serious condition, and can lead to symptoms that are commonly associated with neuropathy. As neuropathy is an affliction of the nerves, and thiamine tends to improve nerve health, you can easily see how such a progression could occur. So what people are most at risk for such a deficiency?

For one, pregnant or nursing women might easily become deficient. People who frequently smoke cigarettes, drink alcoholic beverages, consume a lot of caffeine, or eat a lot of sugar may also find themselves lacking when it comes to this vitamin. Symptoms of such a deficiency can include tingling, numbness or burning in the muscles (particularly the feet).


Thiamine Deficiency: Take Your Vitamins

Of course, having a thiamine deficiency will also mean that you don’t get the positive effects of this vitamin either. This vitamin is reputed to be great for elevating mood and lowering stress. As alluded to above, it also promotes healthy nerves, which can be especially important to diabetics.

The conclusion is clear: take your vitamins. But take them in the right way. If you’re looking to treat a condition with the use of this vitamin, make sure you find a form of it that the body can break down in large quantities.

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