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Vancouver Headache Treatments

Some of the most important Vancouver headache treatments involve Vancouver dentistry. That's because headache sufferers almost universally grind their teeth. Vancouver headache treatments may include restoring or repairing a bite that has been worn down by grinding and clenching. An improved bite can reduce grinding, leading to decreased muscular tension and less painful headaches.

Vancouver Headache Treatments and the NTI Device

Some popular Vancouver headache treatments include use of a tiny device called the NTI (nociceptive trigeminal inhibition). The NTI is a relatively new device which keeps headache sufferers from grinding their teeth during sleep. This not only protects their teeth, but greatly alleviates their symptoms. Some doctors have found that 80 percent of their patients were helped by the NTI.

Tension and stress are insidious forces that destroy the health. At night, facial and jaw tension, combined with chronic teeth grinding, prevent sufferers from enjoying a good night's rest. Rest is essential to health. Sleep is the time when the body repairs itself most effectively. Interrupt sleep, and your body cannot repair itself as well as it must.

Sleeping well is an incredible help for headache sufferers. Their bodies are able to fully rest and repair. Their muscles are able to relax, stopping the vicious cycle of constant muscular gripping. After wearing NTI devices, many migraine sufferers experience a dramatic cessation to their pain.

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