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Vancouver Sleep Apnea

Vancouver sleep apnea can lead to a lot more than just poor sleep and ill health. Vancouver sleep apnea is also a frequent cause of accidents. Since sleep apnea often leads to chronic exhaustion, sufferers may fall asleep behind the wheel, at work, and so on. Fortunately, Vancouver sleep apnea can be treated, and its symptoms greatly reduced.

Vancouver Sleep Apnea and Canadian Dentists

Vancouver dentists are at the forefront of treating sleep apnea. Many people turn to dentists for their chronic snoring. When snoring occurs only occasionally, it's rather funny. Spouses can enjoy teasing each other about "sawing logs" all night, after an unusual night of snoring.

When snoring is chronic, however, it isn't nearly so funny. Sufferers and their spouses deal with waking up throughout the night, night after night. They may go years without a satisfying night of deep sleep. Many people who snore chronically are, in fact, suffering from sleep apnea.

A good dentist should be able to diagnose this illness. He can fit the patient with a mouth piece that will keep him breathing more freely, comfortably and quietly. Of course, quitting smoking is essential for anyone who suffers sleep apnea. Losing weight can also be an important step for those who snore heavily or suffer from sleep apnea.

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