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Where to Get Free or Cheap Healthcare Services: Immunization, Lab Tests and Treatment

Where to Get Free or Cheap Healthcare Services: Immunization, Lab Tests and Treatment

Where to Get Free or Cheap Healthcare Services: Immunization, Lab Tests and Treatment

When you do not have health insurance, healthcare preferences can be put on hold because you cannot afford to pay $300 or more just to see a doctor. Keep in mind that you have to pay more in case the doctor gives you a prescription. Recently I was supposed to have a medical checkup for my new job, but couldn’t afford to pay $500 to see a private doctor; that’s when I began my search for a cheaper means to get health-care without having to spend a fortune. Here are some of the places to get free or cheap treatment or immunizations/ vaccines.

Get cheap or free treatment and immunizations at your County’s health department

Many people do not know that they can get free or very cheap healthcare services at their county’s health department. School-aged children can get free basic immunizations at the county’s health department or affordable supplementary vaccines. On clinic days adults can also talk to a healthcare provider and pay as little as $50 for the entire service. I was shocked when I learned that I was only paying $100 for a 4-series hepatitis B vaccine when I could have paid $300 for the same vaccine at my local health-care center. Next time you fall ill, do not pop countless painkillers; pay a visit to your county’s health department. You could qualify for cheap or free medical services.

Get free or cheap treatment at free clinics.

Free clinics run free or cheaper health care services, ranging from dental care to main body diseases. They have a list of requirements for one to be eligible. For instance, one’s family income has to be at least 185% below the federal poverty guidelines or meet the uninsured criteria or be underinsured. Do not shy away from contacting them if you do not meet these criteria because they also consider your financial commitments. Search the Internet for your nearest free clinic providers, they will always find ways to make your treatment cheaper on you.

Get cheap treatment, vaccines and lab tests at your nearest Urgent Care Clinic

Even though they charge for seeing a healthcare provider, their services are way cheaper than seeing a private doctor. The services provided at Urgent Care clinics are also all inclusive; for instance you can see a doctor for diagnosis, have your lab tests and receive prescriptions at the same place. On the other hand, if you decided to visit a private doctor you would have to pay expensively just for a single visit and they would still refer you to a lab for blood tests, which you also have to pay for. Before you spend all your money on a private doctor try visiting your closest urgent care clinic, they provide cheap services ranging from seeing a doctor, lab tests, and immunization.

Whenever you find yourself pondering about where to get free or affordable healthcare services, visit these places. The healthcare providers are so caring that they can give you referrals to other cheaper places to visit if they do not provide the services you need, or if you do not qualify for their services. There is always a place you can get free, cheap or affordable treatment.

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